National Library, Buenos Aires, Argentina about 1917

National Library, Buenos Aires, Argentina about 1917

National Library (Biblioteca Nacional), The former main building at Mexico Street, Buenos Aires, Argentina about 1917

The National Library of the Argentine Republic (Spanish: Biblioteca Nacional de la República Argentina) was founded in September 1810.

From 1901 to 1992 the main building was on Mexico Street; on April 10, 1992 the new and current library was inaugurated on the barrio of Recoleta in Buenos Aires.

Biblioteca Nacional

National Library (Biblioteca Nacional), The current main building, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno de la República Argentina

Jorge Luis Borges, a key figure in Spanish-language literature, was appointed as the Library’s nineteenth director. He managed the institution along with the vice director Edmundo José Clemente from 1955 through 1973. Shortly after his appointment he was informed that he needed to give up reading and writing because of his weakened vision.

Borges retratado por Sara Facio

Jorge Luis Borges photographed by Sara Facio, 1973

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