Florida Street, Buenos Aires 1917

Florida Street, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1917

NAMED after our state, which at the time this street was laid out was a colony of Spain.
This is the Bond Street of Buenos Aires. Its buildings are two and three stories high. The shops, like in most Latin countries, are small, but the displays are grand, as well as the prices charged. The street is narrow and after five o’clock in the evening no vehicles are allowed to pass over it, for then, at the promenade hour, it is congested with strollers. On this Calle Florida is to be seen more class in dress than on the famous Avenida. (from Henry Stephens, Illustrated descriptive Argentina, 1917)

Florida Street (Spanish: Calle Florida) is an elegant shopping street in Downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. A pedestrian street since 1971, some stretches have been pedestrianized since 1913. (from Wikipedia)

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