Ayerza Monument, Recoleta, Buenos Aires 1917

Ayerza Monument, Recoleta, Buenos Aires 1917

RECOLETA is the name generally applied to the Cementerio del Norte (Northern Cemetery) and is the favorite burial place of the Porteño (Buenos Aires) aristocracy. In Argentina and most South American countries, the wealthy dead are interred in vaults; those of the poorer families are buried in the ground with a stone slab over their grave, and with a cross to mark the headpiece; the very poorest are placed in niches in the cemetery walls, one on top of another like the catacombs.

THIS is undoubtedly one of the finest works of art in the Recoleta. (from Henry Stephens, Illustrated descriptive Argentina, 1917)

Hernán Cullen Ayerza (1879 – 1936) Argentinian sculptor

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