Land of silence Willard

In the land of silence by Stephen Hallet Willard (1894-1966) about 1923

Stephen Hallet Willard was born on March 8, 1894 in Earlville, Illinois to Stephen Sylvester and Elizabeth (Bettie) Park … In 1895, when Stephen H. was only one year old, the family … moved to Corona, California where his father opened one of the first dental practices … Willard’s fascination with the wonders of nature began in his early years when his mother would take her children and their friends for hikes into the hills nearby where they lived in Corona,  California.  He began photographing those scenes when he was given his first camera by his father at age 14 and that led to a lifelong career. In his teens, he roamed the deserts and wandered deep into the mountains where, as a self studied photographer, his images garnered the attention of prominent naturalists who published his photographs in well known east coast journals as early as 1915 when he was only 21 years of age.  Over time, his photographic efforts helped foster the designation of several wilderness areas as national parks … (from

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