Casino Monte Carlo Monaco about 1892

Casino Monte Carlo Monaco about 1892

CASINO MONTE CARLO  — One of the loveliest places on the curving shore of the Mediterranean is the famous gambling resort of Monte Carlo. It is laid out in cultivated terraces, which overhang the pretty bay, where a multitude of pleasure boats are always moored. So far as outward attractiveness is concerned, Nature and Art have here combined to make this spot a veritable bit of paradise. Before it is the boundless sea; as smooth as glass and many colored as a prism; while in the rear are lovely olive-colored mountains which at sunset invariably fold about their dimpled shoulders mantles of royal purple. Around this Casino aloes and orange trees are growing in luxuriance, and here and there a tufted palm outlines its graceful form against the cloudless sky. Monte Carlo owes much of its attractiveness to the late M. François Blanc, who founded here this handsome gaming house. At present the establishment is in the hands of a French Company, and constantly entices weak humanity thither by its glittering promises of wealth. Within this Casino, apart from the gaming halls, there are well-furnished reading-rooms, and a richly decorated theatre where one can often hear delightful music. Russians are said to squander the most money here, but France furnishes the greatest number of players. Germans also are quite numerous, but usually play with caution. England and America too are represented here, but chiefly by spectators rather than participants in the alluring game. From twelve to fifteen suicides occur here nearly every month. (from John L. Stoddard, Glimpses of the world; a portfolio of photographs of the marvelous works of God and man – 1892)


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