STATUE OF LIBERTY NEW YORK HARBOR — Standing out in sublime proportions against the sun-set sky, the colossal statue of Liberty seems one of the most impressive works of man which can be found upon this continent. It is indeed gigantic, having a height of 151 feet! Yet despite its enormous size, it is so perfectly proportioned that one beholds it with complete satisfaction. This noble work of the French sculptor, Bartholdi, is fortunate in its position, which gives to it an independent, queenly and even threatening aspect. It stands on Bedloe’s Island, about two miles from the city. It is made of repousse copper, and represents a female figure crowned with a diadem. One arm presses a tablet closely to her breast; the other holds aloft a blazing torch. Its great height is intensified by the huge granite pedestal which is itself 155 feet high. A stairway leads to the head of the statue, in which several people can be easily accommodated at one time. At night this colossal figure seems even more imposing than by day. Whoever has sailed near it at such a time will recollect the awe-inspiring effect produced by that Titanic figure rising through the gloom, its vast dimensions magnified by a sombre background, while the uplifted torch glitters with electricity, as a star flashes when we view it through a telescope. A few statistics may well be mentioned here. This statue can be seen distinctly at a distance of four or five miles. Its total height above low-water mark is 306 feet. The fore-finger of its right hand is seven feet long and over four inches in circumference at the second joint. It weighs over twenty-five tons, and cost more than a million francs ($200,000), which was paid for by popular subscriptions in France. (from John L. Stoddard, Glimpses of the world; a portfolio of photographs of the marvelous works of God and man – 1892)


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