Marshall Pinckney Wilder
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MARSHALL PINCKNEY WILDER is one of the best known entertainers in this country, his specialty being lyceum entertainments. He has traveled all over this country and Europe, giving these “talks” which have been devoted mostly to personal experiences. For many years he has been a favorite in important church and semi-religious festivals, alternating the lyceum work with various tours of the vaudeville houses. He is a great sportsman, being an ardent fan, yet his devotion to the great national game is but one expression of his interest, for he is invariably in the front row at every important sporting event of any importance, whether this be a wrestling match, a prize fight for national honors, or something equally important. His home, in an apartment hotel in New York, is unique, for his flying an American flag from his apartments when he is at home and his removal of this on his departure from his home. This serves as a signal to his friends as to whether or not he is in New York. He has recently published his first book, “The Bright Side of the Street,” (The sunny side of the street) filled with personal experiences with great men he has met. Among these have been Sir Henry Irving, King Edward VII, Queen Alexandra, Henry Ward Beecher, James G. Blaine, Robert Ingersoll, Grover Cleveland, Buffalo Bill, Emma Eames, Patti, General Grant, President Harrison, Joseph Jefferson, General R. E. Lee, President Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Parkhurst, Sousa, and E. S. Willard. (by Paul Thompson from The Burr McIntosh monthly 1905)

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