Maude Fealy (1883 – 1971) American Actress

Maude Fealy

Maude Fealy (1883 – 1971) American Actress



The above was one of the twenty-four photographs chosen from the world’s product to compete for the 1,000-franc prize in the Annual Beauty Contest, January, 1903, in Le Figaro Illustré

Maude Fealy, whose sweet face is familiar to all lovers of gentle art upon the stage, is now E. S. Willard’s leading support. Last year she made an indelible impress upon English hearts in conjunction with William Gillette. In the “Figaro’’ Annual Beauty Contest, twenty-four photographs are chosen from the number submitted to contest for the thousand-franc prize. Our reproduction of Miss Fealy was one of the twenty-four. The readers of the paper vote. We expect to win, but if we don’t — we all know the clannishness of the French nation.

Maude Fealy

This Photograph Won the 1ooo-Franc Prize in the ParisFigaro” of Art and Beauty

In again presenting the picture of Maude Fealy, which won the thousand-franc prize in the contest conducted by the Paris Figaro lllustré, we are complying with the wishes of hundreds of our readers who have made the request. It has been impossible, because of time limits, to offer the reproductions in more colors than we have. The colored front page inserts will be resumed with the next issue. In the Figaro contest, more than 30,000 photographs from every corner of the globe were submitted. In December the jury selected twenty-four to compete for the prize. These were reproduced in the January number of the Figaro, with no mention of the name of the subjects or the photographers. The readers of the Figaro voted. The following letter explains itself:

from LE FIGARO ILLUSTRÉ 24 Boulevard des Capucines

to Burr McIntosh Art Studio, 20 West 33d Street, New York City.

Paris, le 7 Avril, 1903.


We are very happy to inform you that the prize of the “Concours d’Art et Beauté Photographique,” instituted by the Figaro illustré, is accorded to you by a large majority.

We, therefore, charge our branch in New York to pay you one thousand francs, the amount of the prize.

With hearty congratulations, and thanking you for having participated in this “Concours,” we beg you to accept, monsieur, the expression of our distinguished consideration.

(Translation from French)

Le Directeur, (Signed) MANZI.

Miss Fealy modestly disclaims any responsibility. We feel that it is she alone. Whoever is to blame, we are very grateful and very happy. (from The Burr McIntosh monthly 1903)

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