football game

“ Kick Off ”
Yale – Harvard Football Game

New Haven (Connecticut), November 22, 1902

(Score 23-0)

(from The Burr McIntosh monthly 1903)

The Harvard – Yale football rivalry, one of the oldest rivalries in US college football and also known as The Game by some followers, is an American college football rivalry between the Harvard Crimson football team of Harvard University and the Yale Bulldogs football team of Yale University. Although the Harvard – Yale rivalry is one of the oldest college football rivalries in the US, the first college football game was between Harvard and McGill. The Game is played in November at the end of the football season, with the venue alternating between Harvard Stadium and the Yale Bowl.

The football teams of Harvard and Yale have been meeting nearly annually since their first game on November 13, 1875.

All games were played on Saturdays except those in 1883 and 1887 when the game was played on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. Since 1945 the Game has been played in New Haven, Connecticut in odd years and in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts in even years.

As of November 2015, 132 games have been played. Yale has 65 wins and Harvard has 59 wins (8 games ended as ties). Harvard has the longest winning streak (nine games).

Notable games:

First tie: 1879
The game played on November 8, 1879 ended in a scoreless tie, the first of eight ties in the series.

Harvard Beats Yale, 29–29
In 1968, the Harvard team made a miraculous last-moment comeback by scoring 16 points in the final 42 seconds to tie a highly touted Yale squad. Yale had a 16-game winning streak and both teams were undefeated for the season at 8–0 coming into the game. The tie left both teams 8–0–1 for the season, inspiring The Harvard Crimson to print the logically incorrect headline “Harvard Beats Yale, 29-29”. This headline was later used as the title for a 2008 documentary about this Game directed by Kevin Rafferty. This game stands as the final tie in the series, as subsequent rule changes have eliminated ties from college football.

First overtime game: 2005
On November 19, 2005, Harvard defeated Yale in the rivalry’s first overtime matchup. Harvard won by a score of 30–24 after three overtime periods. (From Wikipedia)



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